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Technology Management 

  • Government funding application assistance and selection based on probability of success.  

  • Hydrogen and fuel cell development investment cases analysis and preparation.

  • Test engineering strategy development for fuel cell stacks, systems and vehicles integration (specializing in sub-zero operation and start-up).

  • Emerging technologies assessment and incorporation strategies.

  • Innovation management for research strategy and funding allocation.

  • Technology roadmap development and risk/cost potential assessment.

  • Strategic markets assessment and go-to-market strategy development and execution.

Transfer Pricing

  • Cross-functional interviews and preparation of global functional analysis/master file, local file, and CbCR.

  • Act as the primary liaison to work collaboratively with Big 4 consulting firms on transfer pricing projects.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) planning and restructuring related financial models and presentations.

  • Preparation of responses to transfer pricing audit queries from Canada Revenue Agency. 

Strategic Partnerships


  • Joint development, research collaboration and partnerships strategy development and negotiation.

  • New partnerships-focused strategic growth plan development and implementation.

  • Strategic partners & suppliers' relationships management. 

Strategic Supply Development 


  • Supply base development for strategic components.

  • Strategic sourcing for technology products.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) freedom-to-operate analysis, licensing strategy and negotiation.

  • Commercialization strategy and roadmap development.

Project Development and Management

  • Strategic planning for high volume production scale-up to commercialization. 

  • Setting up and developing technology-base companies.

  • Strategic projects initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing.

  • Portfolio management to achieve strategic objectives.

Corporate Governance

  • Brings diversity to the boardroom in terms of demographics, culture, industries, along with a unique combination of experience and background.

  • Act as the primary Legal liaison to work collaboratively with law firms on strategic legal matters.

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