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We strongly believe that partnerships are valuable.  Having strong strategic partners,  Sylas Consulting Group can drive success and ultimately deliver a more meaningful business outcome for our clients.

Dave Wainwright, M.Sc.Physics, Registered Patent Agent (CA & US) 

Strategic Partner 

Dave is an ex-scientist/engineer who got into Intellectual Property (IP) partly because it presented an opportunity contributing to a variety of technologies.  In addition, he was dismayed at how poorly the subject was handled by industry, primarily due to lack of communication and attention.  All too often, important IP was inadequately protected or lost, and product development proceeded blindly into a minefield of others’ IP rights. There was an obvious need to manage IP in a much better way. 

Dave has a diverse technical background, and has spent most of his career working in clean energy industry (e.g. batteries, fuel cells, fuel production & purification).  Dave is a registered Canada and US patent agent with over 23 years of experience in IP field (mostly patents).  He is proud to have served and to continue to serve clients both large & small, local & distant on a part-time in-house or as-needed basis.  

Dave is pleased to be a strategic partner to Sylas Consulting Group through his company, Dave Wainwright & Associates Inc.

Jüergen Stumper, Dr. rer. nat. 

Strategic Partner 

Jüergen has 25+ years industry experience in PEM fuel cell and related technologies in both Research and Product Development. He has a proven track record of team building and leadership, extensive experience in working with government/academia and leveraging external funding.


Prior to forming his own Consultancy, Jüergen worked at Ballard and Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp. (a joint venture of Daimler AG and Ford Motor Company).  Juergen led a team of 9 scientists in his last role was Manager of Catalyst Layer Research & Modelling at AFCC.  His strengths are industry - academia technical collaborations, which he used to close key research gaps.  He chaired AFCC’s Patent Committee and coordinated R&D activities with joint venture partners at Daimler and Ford.


Jüergen is passionate about Clean Energy and research into the ecology of the natural and human world.  He is a Physicist with a PhD from Technical University of Berlin, Germany. 


Fraunhofer ISE, Department of Fuel Cell Systems 

Strategic Partner

Fraunhofer ISE, with 1200 staffs, is the largest solar research institute in Europe. The Institute creates the technological foundations for supplying energy efficiently and on an environmentally sound basis in industrialized, threshold and developing countries. 

Fraunhofer's hydrogen technologies and fuel cell development business division, develops fuel cells by carrying out spatially resolved characterization performed with the help of the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of customized segmented cells. Stacks can be characterized in walk-in environmental test chambers for cold starts strategy development for fuel cell stacks and engines.  Fraunhofer's fields of works comprise of: 1) characterization of components, cells, stacks, and systems, 2) development of stacks and systems, 3) modeling and simulation performed on the mirco-scale up to the system level, and 4) production research for fuel cells.  Fraunhofer ISE can provide testing expertise to assist in developing your fuel cell stacks and systems.

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