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Recommended by Leaders in the

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell  Industry.

"I have worked with Joyce both as a colleague and as a consultant for many years and would highly recommend her services. Joyce is a pleasure to work with and is a consummate professional who is organized and communicates clearly. She is diligent in collecting information from a wide variety of sources and keeps clients informed at every step of the consultation process. She compiles custom reports and charts which clearly communicate complex information making it easy to understand to a wide audience. "

Peter Bach.jpg

Peter Bach, P.Eng.

Chief Technology Officer

at FTXT Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

"Joyce is a tenacious, passionate, hands-on, and collaborative problem-solver. I have had the pleasure to know her for almost 20 years as we worked on different technologies in the fuel cell sector. Recently, she delivered a strategic sourcing project for Nano One Materials Corp. and her efforts were greatly appreciated as she turned every stone that she could while negotiating, and sourcing the supply base. I highly recommend Joyce for any project.. "


Harmeet Chhina, PhD, PMP

VP Programs & Operations

at Nano One Materials Corp.

"Joyce has handled the various aspects of strategic partnerships in a competent and self-organized manner. Both her commercial education and her engineering training enable her to deal with complex business relationships, including organization, intellectual property and work scope matters. Joyce is also well-respected by our business partners." 

Andreas Truckenbrodt.jpg

Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt

Former CEO

at AFCC Automotive Fuel Cell Co-operation Corp.  (Joint Venture of Dailmer AG & Ford Motors Company)

"I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing and of working with Joyce for many years now. In various roles (she has trained for and has experience in many) and for various clients (i.e. including our two former large corporate employers and at least two small entrepreneurial outfits, namely Sylas and my own company), she has been proven to be versatile, diligent, sensible, and pleasingly proactive. As an example, she demonstrated her skills in strategic planning, negotiation and project management in successfully concluding a very important deal for our common client that took about a year to resolve. I am also happy to consider her a good, helpful friend. I think that any employer or client of hers will come to the same conclusions." 

Dave Wainwright.jpg

Dave Wainwright, 

Registered Patent Agent (CA & US)

"I have worked with Joyce for over 17 years at both Ballard and AFCC. Joyce has very good technical expertise in fuel stack operation, freeze start-up, and fuel cell stack/system interactions. In addition, she has developed a good network with different OEMs and suppliers in the fuel cell industry worldwide. Joyce has an unique backgound with technical, business and legal knowledge which enables her to be good at strategic planning, developing strategic partnerships and supplier development. Joyce is always able to look at every issue or business need from different perspectives. Joyce is very a good team player and is able to communicate effectively with people in any cross-functional team. With her new professional development as a Co-active Coach, Joyce further enhances her excellent listening skills. I highly recommend Joyce for any project. Joyce will be a good addition to any engineering, business or management team."

Albert Chiu.jpg

Albert Chiu, MSc., P.Eng.

Chief Technology Officer

at Wuhan Hydrav Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd.


"Joyce is a well-rounded Professional Engineer with a strong business acumen. It has been my pleasure to have worked with Joyce for over 10 years. I’ve watched as she advanced her career, performing each role successfully, and with passion. She has a proven track record to adapt to new responsibilities, and she has excelled in each of her roles. She is efficient, professional, and has the ability to manage multiple large projects. Most recently, Joyce and I worked together to develop automotive suppliers around the world. This project demonstrated her great interpersonal skills as she had to communicate effectively with peers and senior level management from various cultures around the world. I would not hesitate to ask Joyce for consulting services. It is extremely enjoyable to work with Joyce, and she would be an asset to any team." 

Wayne Dang.jpg

Wayne Dang, P.Eng.

Senior Product Development Engineer

at Daimler Truck Fuel Cell Canada, Inc.

"I have worked with Joyce for over a decade as we moved through our various, respective roles at Ballard and AFCC. She is well organized, proactive, technically capable and tenacious in delivering on her assignments. I recommend Joyce without reservation as an asset to any team she may be part of." 

Simon Farrington.jpg

Simon Farrington, P.Eng.

Chief Technology Officer

at Illuming Power Inc.

"Joyce impressed me with her strong technical background and at the same time great strategic planning skills, legal knowledge and professionalism. Having a combination of these skill sets, Joyce is very effective in communication with both technical and administrative partners." 

Jasna Jankovic.jpg

Dr. Jasna Jankovic

Assistant Professor

at Department of Materials Science and Engineering at University of Connecticut

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